E: Hvordan håndterer du udfordrende klienter?

2-day Advanced workshop with Anais Salibian (USA) and Maja Skau-Olsen (Denmark)

Have you ever wondered why your skills as a Rosen practitioner work very well with some clients, while other clients may leave you frustrated and doubting yourself as a practitioner?

Do you want to learn how to support real change in clients for whom the Rosen Method process does not come easily?

To deepen your skills, come to this workshop where we will look at what is needed to allow for transformation.

Together, we will focus on how to:

  • Create the safety that will allow the client to trust you
  • Track what is happening in each moment so that you don’t get lost
  • Support the client into sensing their body physically and then moving into the emotional level
  • Recognize the crucial moment in the session and what to do with it
  • Find the right words to support the client to rediscover their forgotten resources

During the workshop, we will do exercises, work at the table, and have opportunities to discuss clients from your private practices. This will also be a safe environment for you to work on your own challenges as a practitioner

You can participate if you are 2nd level student, intern or practitioner.

Time:   9.30 am – 4.30 pm with 1 hour lunch

Tuition:   DKK 2650 or 353 euro

Venue: Audonicon, Grønnedalsvej 14, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark

Registration: Email to info@rosenmetoden.dk or

phone +45 6018 3740

Nearest airport is Billund. From the airport, there is a bus to Aarhus (912X), that stops in Skanderborg.

There is primitive accommodation possible at the venue for 150 DKK pr. night in shared rooms.

Also Airbnb can be recommodated.





Grønnedalsvej 14

8660 Skanderborg


Seniorlærerne Anais Salibian (USA) og Maja Skau-Olsen (Danmark)


17.-18. november 2018


Begge dage kl. 9.30- 16.30

Pris / depositum:

2650 kr. / 500 kr.